I explore the art making process in a series of interviews with painters, printmakers, sculptors, digital artists, and educators. The artists chosen tend towards a perceptual, and often figurative process. I am interested in understanding the nature of art education, and how this helps or harms the  working artist’s practice. Precedence is given to technique and background over critical themes and  subject matter. I’m conscious in these interviews to balance out the tendency of critical dialogue to favour symbolism and subject matter over the more physical properties of fine art. I’m looking for the connection between the statement and the proccess. How does the technique describe the grand statement? Nevermind the immaculate theme critics always go on about, these discussions go into the trenches, so to speak, the studio is a messy place. The artistic practice is frequently awkward and reliably arduous and damned elusive. What results, I hope, is an inquiry into the nature of  the creative moment, and the legwork required to see the thing through.

By all means,  Enjoy it.



2 Responses to “About”

  1. lucas Says:

    more! excellent blog

  2. diana Says:

    Just discovered your blog through Kanevsky…look forward to reading more.

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